Monday, January 22, 2018

VISTA UVShield installations New York

VISTA UVShield installations New York
Case Study: Comfort & Protection Window Film Provides a Magic Carpet Ride

A huge glass front showpiece, which compellingly showcases precious Oriental rugs and antiques for which the store is famous, distinguishes the Flagship store of Nejad and Strauss.

Generous Persian rugs and fabulous Asian and European antiques dramatically fill the expansive showroom windows to encourage consumers to enter and make the major investment that such items commonly represent.

Last summer, an extraordinarily rare Persian rug, eighteen by fifteen feet in size and valued at over $120,000 dominated the frontispiece. As Mr. Nejad had noticed that the brilliant colors of other rugs in his previous displays had faded in the sun, he determined to take action to protect the interiors and chose to have VISTA UVShild (Crystal elegance V58) Window Film installed. The virtually invisible VISTA film, installed on all showroom windows, provided high visibility without color distortion. In effect, it enhanced the viewing by adding a fine sheen to the windows without creating a mirrored look from the street.

But what is critically important to Mr. Nejad is that VISTA Shield rejects 99.9% of all ultraviolet light that is the main cause of fading, while reducing frustrating sun glare by 36%.

Mr. Nejad is continually looking at the latest technological developments to make sure that he maintains the pristine appearance of his precious merchandise.

Installation of VISTA Shield provided high visibility to these treasures, while protecting them from fading and color distortion due to sun exposure.

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