Friday, August 1, 2014

New York EnerLogic Window Film Dealer

New York EnerLogic Window Film Dealer

Enerlogic VEP 70 project in Bedford, NY. Most of the windows
had to be seamed and if you had not noticed, some were 30' high.

Historically, most window films have provided only a solution in the summer. EnerLogic is different, it works year round - like other major energy saving measures such as energy efficient lighting, new control systems, and HVAC upgrades. In summer, EnerLogic keeps the heat out, like traditional reflective window film. 

But in winter, EnerLogic does what reflective film can't do: It locks the heat inside. So you get a perfect balance of energy efficiency, comfort, and cost savings - all year long. EnerLogic does this with outstanding optical clarity that's fully compatible with high-efficiency lighting. It looks great in any light.

  1. Improves insulating power of single glazing by up to 90%.
  2. Provides a perfect balance of energy efficiency, comfort, and cost savings - all year long.
  3. Upgrades the annual insulating performance of single-glazed windows to almost that of double-glazed windows and upgrade double-glazed windows to the performance of triple-glazed windows.
  4. Emissivity performance up to 5 times better than any other low-e film currently in the market.
  5. Offers faster pay back than any other energy efficiency measures such as replacing windows or heating or cooling systems.
  6. Compatible with high efficiency lighting (low iridescence). No oily effect.
  7. Tough new patent-pending scratch resistant coating.
  8. Low-e coating directs solar and radiant heat back to its source for substantial energy savings. All year round.

Advanced Window Solutions is an Authorized Dealer / Installer of EnerLogic window films.
Covering NY, NJ, CT and beyond. 

New York EnerLogic Window Film Dealer

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